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Welcome from Experienced Psychotherapist / Counsellor, Lifecoach, Facilitator & Trainer

Counselling Universe and Psych Universe
are brand new websites under construction which will offer both service users & professionals ways to connect and learn. This is a temporary holding page with information on my qualifications & experience & contact information.
Tel.: UK Warwick 01926 40 92 98 Mobile: 07831 50 55 16
Offering sessions face to face & by phone & Skype

Empowering Positive Change for Happier Lives
An Integrative Approach: Adults, Children, Teens, Couples, Families & Groups
Previous guest lecturer at 4 universities including University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry. Former Member University of Warwick Medical School Advisory Board & council of Disabled People Executive Board (3 yrs.).
Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Diploma in Counselling (Distinction in Advanced Counselling Skills); University Cert. Mental Ill-Health; Graduate Cert. Couns.; Cert. Int. Couns.; Cert. Lifecoaching with NLP; Cert. Bereave.; Cert. Working with Survivors of Abuse; Cert. Psychosexual Studies. Extensive breadth of additional training detailed below includes: Acting, Addiction, Couples, Difficult People, Disability, Domestic Cruelty & Violence, Eating Disorders, Equality & Diversity, Families, Safeguarding, Trauma & More.
? Qualified Psychotherapist ? Counsellor ? Lifecoach ? Trainer
? Facilitator ? Stress Management Consultant ? Presentations
? Disability Awareness & Access ? Strategic PR & Media Consultant
? Psychosexual Therapy ? Anxiety, Abuse, Bereavement,
Confidence, Depression & Trauma Are Amongst Other Specialities
? Winner of The UK Certificate of the European Commission of the
Breaking Barriers Award 2000
Seeking help with uncertainty? Confusion? Problems? Changes? Challenges? Feeling lost?
Mental health issues? I provide a safe place to explore issues which concern you, a place where you are accepted as you are with respect, empathy and genuineness.
If you are seeking counselling and or lifecoaching please contact qualified and professionally registered and Enhanced CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked psychotherapist / counsellor and lifecoach Penny Bould MBACP. MBACP means I am a full member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy entitled to use the designatory letters MBACP after my name.
Section Headings List of Contents of This Page:-
Booking a Session
Counselling & Psychotherapy & Lifecoaching
Qualifications, Training & Experience with subjects A to Z
Issues A to Z
Sessions: locations, dates & times
Approach: My approach is called integrative which means I bring together a range of approaches tailored to client needs. This includes family and systemic, person centred, cognitive psychology, elements of Transactional Analysis (T.A.) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).
This offers a toolbox of ways to help to empower you, gained over years of training and experience.
I first read psychology at university in the 1970’s and later studied cognitive psychology in the late 1990’s and health psychology in 2004. I gained my graduate certificate in counselling in 2002 with a person centred focus and went on to do my diploma which included comparing the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic Freudian approaches.
Booking a Session This can only be done by phone after talking with me about the kinds of issue(s) you want to explore and so you can check that you feel comfortable talking with me and I can begin to assess your needs. If you are Deaf or have speech or other impairments which make using the phone inaccessible then we will do our best to find another means of communicating to suit you. I am happy to work with BSL and other interpreters.
Days & times: most face to face sessions are afternoons and evenings Monday to Friday with the latest session available ending by 9.30pm. I also offer sessions by phone and Skype and these are sometimes also available at weekends.
Everything you share in a counselling /psychotherapy or lifecoaching session is confidential, within an ethical and legal framework which is explained to clients in my written contract.
Contact I can be reached on 01926 40 92 98 or by mobile 07831 505516 or emailed at
Clients Most of my clients are private and refer themselves to me. I also receive referrals, for example, from the police and schools. My corporate clients include: The Army, Employee Assistance Programmes and insurance companies.
Counselling & Psychotherapy & Lifecoaching
Exploring issues and concerns, challenges, upsetting experiences, challenges, goals and more, counselling, psychotherapy and lifecoaching sessions offer you a safe place to discover and gain insights, to develop as a person and find ways of being or solutions to difficulties and problems.
By providing you with acceptance, unconditional positive regard, respect, empathy and non-judgemental genuineness, actively listening so that you are “the star in the room”, to quote artist Grayson Perry talking about his experience of counselling, with the aid of additional techniques for issues such as panic attacks and addressing troubling thoughts and behaviours where appropriate, it is possible to help to empower you to bring about positive change in your life.
Where suitable, I sometimes use art, metaphorical objects and research based imaginative innovative techniques to help to explore client difficulties.
Qualifications, Training & Experience Includes:* DIPLOMA in The Theory & Practice of COUNSELLING (with
DISTINCTION in Advanced Counselling Skills) (ABC Exam Board/Warwickshire College). Portfolio (14,000 words) achieved marks of 95% to 100%. Achieved the highest mark (Merit) in the research project. Diploma included clinical placements which I won for example running a clinic in an NHS hospital for patients and relatives and an inner city training centre for young people for a year; at a centre for sexual abuse survivors (including being part of the team running a helpline); Department for Work and Pensions with unemployed people & those with mental health, addiction and or physical disability issues; and two years with older people. I also counselled children at a Coventry city school. Diploma was person centred focussed but also compared and contrasted this to the Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) and psychodynamic approaches. (I also studied Cognitive Psychology with the Open University for a year.)
* Certificate in Counselling Skills, Intermediate (Open College Network, City College Coventry, OCN, 2002)
* GRADUATE Certificate in The Theory & Practice of COUNSELLING
(Coventry University, 2002).
* UNIVERSITY Certificate in HEALTH PSYCHOLOGY: Understanding Mental Ill-health (Coventry University) (90% exam, 92% assignment) included Mental Health Act sectioning issues when someone is committed against their will to a mental hospital & exploring what is and not “normal” and some nutritional aspects affecting mental health (2004).
* Certificate in BEREAVEMENT Care (Counselling) (2005) (3 month course required portfolio).
* Certificate in LIFECOACHING (with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) (NCF) 18 month course (2006)
* Certificate in Working with SURVIVORS of SEXUAL ABUSE (Open College Network (OCN) including DISSOCIATIVE disorders formerly known as multiple personality (2008 completed studies following weekly exams)
* Certificate in PSYCHOSEXUAL Studies: Understanding the Psychosexual Relationship (working with individuals & couple relationships) (TCCR, London)
* Introduction to FAMILY Therapy & Systemic Practice (NHS Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services 2010-2011 & assignments 2012.)
* Certificates of attendance in (Post Critical Incidents (disasters) Psychological Welfare - NHS / Centre for TRAUMA, RESILIENCE & GROWTH / Nottingham University / Warwickshire County Council trained in Post CRITICAL INCIDENT / post DISASTER psychological support work, with group facilitation (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012). Member of specially trained team on standby in case of disasters working to help prevent and identify conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I have worked with groups of people in front of a whole room full of audiences of psychotherapists, psychologists and emergency planners evaluating my performance who complemented me on doing a good job.
* Certificate course in COUPLE & FAMILY COUNSELLING (Institute of Counselling / Glasgow Caledonian University) currently studying 2012
* B.A. Psychology, Sociology, Politics with Statistics for Social Scientists 240 points University of Sheffield / Open University (1997). Passed all psychology, sociology & stats. Had hospital surgery prior to politics finals and had I passed one more politics paper would have been awarded a degree. This was before the existence of the Disability Discrimination Act and Sheffield University told me had the DDA existed then I would have been awarded my degree, especially as papers were of 2.1 standard. I studied Cognitive Psychology for a year with the Open University achieving marks around 84% in assignments.A to Z of Training
12 STEP ADDICTION: programme trained (Special & Different, 2010)
ABUSE: Certificate in Working with Survivors of Sexual Abuse, with issues relevant to all forms of abuse. Included Dissociative spectrum Disorders. Weekly exams. Portfolio. Excellent Marks. 3 month course (OCN studies completed March 2008, certificate printed 2009).
ACTING & SERIOUS & COMIC IMPROVIZATION: including mask work (Loft Theatre c.1999, Tressle Professional Theatre 2000).
ADVOCACY: trained NEGOTIATOR (Trades Union Congress / Manchester Polytechnic) & experienced advocate (e.g., housing, Citizen’s Advice Bureau (C.A.B.) and Women’s Aid) benefits, health, disability & mental ill-health tribunals, police, e.g., in bullying & domestic violence cases.
ALCOHOL: see 12 Step & DRUG Awareness.
ANGER: Working With Difficult People (Warwickshire Police c. 2011) & featured in many courses & use knowledge especially gained in clinical work during a year at an NHS hospital 2007-2008.
ANXIETY: featured in many courses especially training in trauma.
ASSERTIVENESS: (National Union of Journalists, 1980’s).
BEREAVEMENT: Certificate in Bereavement Care (Counselling) 2005 (3 month course including gold-fish bowl counselling in front of whole course, with portfolio – excellent marks).
CHAIRING MEETINGS: experienced chair, vice chair and vice president of various organisations since 1970’s & conference facilitator e.g., London & Brussels (IDEA c.2010).
CHILD PROTECTION: (WAYC: Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs 2008) & see SAFEGUARDING.
CODES OF CONDUCT working ethically and professionally (Tile Hill College Coventry 2001-2002, Warwickshire College 2005-2007 (part of counselling courses) & Warwickshire County Council, 2009)
CHILDREN'S RIGHTS: conference / workshops with the former national
Children's Commissioner (Warwickshire County Council (WCC) 2010).
COUPLE & FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: Neuroscience of (Oakland, Harrogate 2010). COUPLE & FAMILY COUNSELLING (Institute of Counselling /Glasgow Caledonian University currently studying 2012
FAMILY THERAPY & SYSTEMIC PRACTICE (NHS Birmingham Children’s Hospital taught course 2010-2011)
DEPRESSION: (featured in many courses)
DIFFICULT PEOPLE: working with challenging people (Warwickshire Police, 2011)
DISABILITY: Working with Disabled People & Their Families (NHS Hospital training & clinical placement and intensive course with clinical psychologists & research & presentation requirement, 2007-2008)
DISABILITY AWARENESS: professional Disability Access Researcher, 1981; Council of Disabled People various workshops whilst on Executive Board (1998-2002). Experienced disability awareness lecturer and trainer (e.g. at four universities: University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry, University of Warwick Medical School, Coventry University (clinical psychologists & social workers) on Empowering Disabled Clients & Patients) and auditor based on the Social Model of Disability. The Social Model was devised by the disability civil rights movement and recognises that people face prejudice, discrimination and oppression plus barriers to access to the built environment and other essentials such as transport and work.
DISASTERS: trained to NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) Guidelines in working with survivors and approaches for resilience and growth (Centre for Trauma Resilience & Growth / NHS/ University of Nottingham / WCC 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012).
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: helped run drop-in centre & women & children escaping from violence, including advocacy work for c. 3 years, Cheshire.
DRUG AWARENESS: 2010 (Drug & Alcohol National Occupational Standards (DANOS) AA1, AB2, AB5, AC1, AD1, AD4, AF1, AF2). (WDAAT, March 2010) covered issues including co-dependency issues and most forms of addiction including sex.
EATING Disorders: latest research on new recommended approach based on systemic practice (Birmingham Children’s Hospital Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) NHS, February 2012).
EMPLOYMENT LAW: (Trades Union Congress 5 week training course for tutors 1981; Peninsula 2011).
EQUALITY & DIVERSITY: including Lesbian, Gay Bi Sexual & Transgender (LGBT) respect issues (e.g., National Centre for Information & Advice on Educational Disadvantage – anti racism and full range of equality promotion, 1978-79; whilst on Executive Board of Coventry & Warwickshire Council of Disabled People 1998-2002; Warwickshire College, 2005; University of Warwick, 2007; WCC, 2009; NHS - part of Family Therapy & Systemic Practice training, 2010 & in disability civil rights movement).
e-SAFETY for children & adults (Warwickshire County Council seminar for school governor (2012)
FAMILY THERAPY & SYSTEMIC PRACTICE NHS Birmingham Children’s Hospital Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (academic year part-time) using interesting techniques such as “externalisation”.
GOVERNMENT: Overview and Scrutiny Skills (WCC, 2009-2011)
HATE CRIMES: (WCC, 2009, 2012)
JOURNALISM: (National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ) 1991, 1994); University of Sheffield student newspaper reporter then News Editor (3 years); Radio Hallam; London College of Printing one year); BBC whilst on staff (over 5 weeks).
KIDNAP: experience of working to empower survivors
LAW: for Editors (National Council for the Training of Journalists, NCTJ c.1991)
LAW & LAW COURT: REPORTING for journalists (Kingston News Agency)
LECTURING: have guest or part-time lectured at 4 universities see TRAINING.
LIFECOACHING: Certificate in Lifecoaching (NCF 2006) I spent 18months doing this course which incorporated NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). This approach to changing your life involves discovering, setting and getting goals.
MANAGEMENT: (Chrysalis Consultants & see PROJECT. Experienced senior manager in FTSE 250 company external relations 1993-4, former company founder & managing director 1988-1997 & current proprietor, director, manager & safeguarding school governor).
MEDITATION: (Buddhist Temple Manchester, 1980’s; TM Transcendental Meditation & various non-denominational courses over the years have evolved my own approaches.)
NEGOTIATION Skills: (tutors’ five week training course for Trades Union Congress at Manchester Polytechnic & lectured part-time 2 years before offered full time BBC reporter role.)
NEURO LINGUISITIC PROGRAMMING (NLP) An approach to change which was part of my training in LIFECOACHING.
NEUROSCIENCE OF COUPLE & FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: (Harrogate 2010) especially how experiences can set up children for issues such as anxiety and depression and other mental health and wellbeing problems through dysfunctional family behaviours and relationships, including the long term impact of shouting on children and young people’s psychological wellbeing.
PRESENTATION SKILLS: (various including Radio Hallam; London College of Printing Diploma in Radio Journalism; BBC). I have broadcast on almost every BBC and most commercial radio stations, most TV stations and reported on e.g. ITN, BBC TV, Channel 4 (documentary) & Sky TV. I have appeared extensively in the media as an expert on mental health, wellbeing & also disability issues.
PSYCHOSEXUAL: Certificate in Psychosexual Studies: Understanding the Sexual Relationship (Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships, London, 2011-2012 completed in March so with the latest thinking in the field). I have been helping people with sexual issues since being a volunteer with Women’s Aid many years ago and as a therapist since 2005).
PUBLIC RELATIONS: (Editor & Public Relations Officer national QUANGO 1978-1980; external relations manager FTSE 250 company 1993-1994; journalist, consultant, trainer & managing director news, public relations & marketing consultancy and audio video training agency 1988-1997. Also although most of my work is as a psychotherapist / counsellor I am also currently a PR Consultant.)
RADIO Journalism & Presentation: (Radio Hallam, BBC, London College of Printing Diploma course).
RELATIONSHIPS: (featured in many courses including Neuroscience of Couple and Family Relationships, Family Therapy & Systemic Practice & Psychosexual Studies).
SAFEGUARDING: as the safeguarding governor of a primary school in an area of high social deprivation I have attended a number of courses (WCC Schools, Children & Young People & Adults 2011 & 2012).
SAFEGUARDING: spotting and taking action in response to all forms of abuse and risk (Warwickshire County Council, primary school 2011)
SAFEGUARDING Looked After Children (Warwickshire County Council e.g. 2012, c.2009)
SAFEGUARDING ADULTS (Warwickshire County Council e.g. 2012)
SCHOOL GOVERNANCE (WCC various courses since 2009)
STRESS MANAGEMENT: by world expert with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) focus (2008)
TRAINING SKILLS: I use theatre in education techniques where appropriate. Have lectured or run workshops at University of Oxford Department of Psychiatry, University of Warwick Medical School; Coventry University, Manchester Metropolitan University (when it was Crewe & Alsager College of Higher Education) and Warwickshire College.
TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS (T.A.): used since 1970's when studied Psychology & Sociology at university as undergraduate. 2 days of intensive training (Warwickshire College, 2008) & featured in courses whilst at Derby College of Further Education 1971-73, University of Sheffield 1973-77). I use TA but I am not a TA specialist.
TRANSGENDER: see EQUALITY. I have worked with transgender people in the disability civil rights movement.
TRAUMA: Certificates in (Post Critical Incidents (disasters) Psychological Welfare - NHS / Centre for TRAUMA, RESILIENCE & GROWTH / Nottingham University / Warwickshire County Council trained in Post CRITICAL INCIDENT / post DISASTER psychological support work, with group facilitation (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012). Member of specially trained team on standby in case of disasters working to help prevent and identify conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
TV Journalism: experience at BBC, Central TV & Sky TV and live two ways on ITN. Also appeared as expert on disability civil rights and wellbeing / journalist on Channel 4 documentary.
Penny Bould: Committed to Continual Professional Development
Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checked usually annually as I am a school safeguarding governor
Issues: How Could You Be Happier?
What is distressing, upsetting, confusing or bugging you? What problems or challenges do you face? What has been happening in your life? Are there old or new hurts? Difficult people to handle? Behaviours or negative thoughts you want to change, banish or transform? Are you stuck having difficulty moving forward? Unclear about your direction? Goals to set and get?
It is almost impossible to produce a list covering every possible issue a client might bring to the therapy or lifecoaching room but this list is a guide to some of the main issues and aspects of mental health and wellbeing with which I have worked.
Behavioural Problems,
Body Image,
Boss problems,
Concentration Problems,
Couple Problems,
Children in Care,
Chronic Fatigue,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Court Cases,
Creative Block,
Crisis Management,
Custody Battles,
Disability Hate Crimes,
Disability Issues,
Dissociative Identity Spectrum Disorders,
Eating Disorders,
Erectile Dysfunction,
Evidence Giving,
Family Problems,
Friendship Issues,
Gender Identity,
Goal Setting & Getting,
Hate Crimes,
Internet addiction,
Interview Anxiety / Stress,
Looked After Children,
Marriage Counselling,
Media Anxiety & Skills Issues,
Mental Health,
Multiple Sclerosis,
Negotiating Skills,
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,
Painful Sex,
Panic Attacks,
Parental Sexual Orientation,
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
Pre-nuptual counselling,
Public Relations,
Report Production,
Sales Confidence,
Self Esteem, Belief,
Self Respect,
Self Harm,
Sex Addiction,
Sex Disappointing,
Sexual Abuse,
Sexual Orientation,
Sexual Problems,
Sexual Relationships,
Social Care,
Speech Giving,
Speech Writing,
Suicidal Thoughts,
Suicide Attempted,
Violent Children & Young People,
Violent Men,
Violent Women,
Workplace Bullying,
Work Issues,
Workplace Competition,
Locations: session are available face to face (at premises in Warwick postcode CV34 close to the small bus station, Warwickshire, England, UK accessible for most wheelchair users - there is a slope) I can also provide corporate sessions at a fully wheelchair user accessible hospital in Leamington Spa
Days: Monday to Friday and by phone or Skype.
Times: most clients are seen afternoons and evenings with sessions ending by 9.30pm.
Weekends: weekend sessions are available by phone or via Skype.
Duration: sessions are often 50 minutes long but people are individuals and some clients prefer 80 minute or double sessions of an hour and 45 minutes.
Frequency: some clients see me twice or three times a week or weekly and some fortnightly or occasionally.
Payment: is by cash or in advance into a special bank account. Some clients pay by standing order. Corporate clients can pay on invoice.
Whilst counselling or psychotherapy or lifecoaching might help you no practitioner can ethically promise you that it ill help you. A key factor is that you need to be committed and willing to change.
© Copyright Penny Bould 2006-2012. The author has asserted her right to be identified as the author. No part of this website may be copied or published without my explicit written and signed permission. This website was created in June 2012 and is owned by Penny Bould of Warwick, England, UK.
Law: All matters are governed by the law of England UK.

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