The Thomas Oken Tearooms are an important
landmark in Warwick. Situated between
the main street and the Castle, they are housed in
a characteristic Tudor building, one of the oldest
and best preserved examples of this form of 
architecture in town.

It was important the the design for the new tables
complemented the traditional features of the room,
while injecting a sense of lightness and space. 

                                                                        In order to allow flexibility in the seating
                                                                        arrangements, I developed several variations
                                                                        that afford a sense of variety, while
                                                                        complementing each other: rectangular, square
                                                                        and round.

                                                                        The tops are inlaid with tiles produced locally by 
                                                                        Manor Architectural Ceramics. 
                                                                        Some are hand made encaustic tiles, 
                                                                        produced using traditional 
                                                                        techniques while others are 
                                                                        hand decorated ceramic tiles, 
                                                                        with designs inspired by William 
                                                                        de Morgan.              
Thomas Oken Tearooms Tables 
 Ash, Ceramic Tiles
Various Sizes
Armando Magnino  
Fine Furniture, Beautifully Made  .
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