I designed this table around the same
time I was working on the Extra Time
clocks - hence the 25 divisions of the
starburst pattern.

Traditionally, starburst patterns are realized with veneers rather than solid timber because of problems with timber movement. The challenge with this design was to use solid timber and still allow movement. I solved it by not jointing the sections (Spicchi in 
                                                                            Italian) but leaving gaps using acrylic dowels.
                                                                                            I also wanted to use a timber with a 
                                                                                            grain pattern that would not 
                                                                                              interfere with the overall shape.             
                                                                                                The wood from the plane tree 
                                                                                                displays a characteristic lacy 
                                                                                                pattern when quarter-sawn. It also
                                                                                            changes name (the only timber to do 
                                                                                        so) and is then known as Lacewood 
                                                                            (or occasionally London Plane)

Spicchi - Coffee Table
 Lacewood, Maple, Burr Black Walnut, Acrylic
110cm x 70cm x 45cm
Armando Magnino  
Fine Furniture, Beautifully Made  .
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