The clients approached me because they
were looking for a narrow hall table.

They had one at the moment, but because
of its design, they had had to fill the bottom
shelf with stones to keep it from wobbling too much: it was just too narrow to be steady enough.
                                                    They really liked my 7-Hall Table but they didn’t like the
                                                     idea that it needed to be fixed to the wall.
                                                    Could I design a narrow hall table, with a drawer    
                                                    so that it wouldn’t wobble 
                                                    but didn’t need to be fixed to the wall?

                                                    Of course! - I said.

                                                    And then went home and started scratching my head.

                                                    I knew it was possible in principle. The problem was to 
                                                    come up with a design that balanced just right. They didn’t 
                                                    want the feet sticking out too much. The liked the sense of 
                                                    lightness of the 7-Hall Table - so I couldn’t make the base 
                                                    too heavy. 

And introducing a side opening drawer meant that it 
also had to avoid racking side to side. A lot os sketching, 
some vague memories of physics (how do you find the 
baricentre of a table?) and a couple of full size mock-ups 
in the workshop gave me the confidence that I had 
the right idea. The clients liked the design. 
And the rest, as they say...

Hall Table
 Maple, Black walnut Burr
80cm x 80cm x 25cm
Armando Magnino  
Fine Furniture, Beautifully Made  .
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