This bookcase was designed for
the entrance of a Complementary
Therapies Centre and was one of my first
attempts at using asymmetry.

The design was very successful, but over time,
as I always do, I started wondering how I could
improve it or modify it.

A chance conversation with a more 
experienced designer maker, Matthew Burt, gave
me the hint I needed. He said that one of the principles he aimed to stick to was: “It’s better concentrate on one idea and execute it well than trying to fit in too many ideas”.  That was it! There were two ideas in the piece. The top was all about curves and natural shapes while the main body was all about tapering shapes... now I know what I could do differently next time!

Crystal - Bookcase
American Oak, Agate
80cm x 120cm x 25cm
Armando Magnino  
Fine Furniture, Beautifully Made  .
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