How does the commissioning process work?

When you contact me expressing an interest, 
I will arrange to meet you to start the process. 

The aim of the first meeting will be to clarify 
your requirements (sizes, function, materials, 
budget, location) and to understand how the 
piece will fit in your world. 

I will then prepare a few ideas which I will present to you in a variety of media - sketches, computer renderings, scale models. 

                                                                        The dialogue that ensues might require more 
                                                                        meetings to define further the character and 
                                                                        features of the piece: for example, we might need to
                                                                        develop full size samples of some details to check 
                                                                        that they feel and look right.

                                                                        Once you are satisfied with the design and we have 
                                                                        agreed a timescale and finalized the cost, you will be 
                                                                        asked for a part payment to confirm the order  
                                                                       (usually 50% of the total cost). 

Throughout the process I will keep you informed of  
the progress (when I order the materials, when I start 
making) so that you can be involved. 
If you would like, you’re welcome to visit the workshop 
to see your ideas take physical shape, before the piece 
is finally delivered to your home when completed.

Armando Magnino  
Fine Furniture, Beautifully Made  .
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