I find that sometimes there is some confusion between the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘made to measure’.

The terms are borrowed from the textile industry. They were originally about the choices faced when having a suit made. “Made to measure” means that it is made to pre-set patterns, modified to fit your requirements, whereas ‘bespoke’ means that there is no set pattern. It’s designed to fit you. The same it’s true of furniture

                                                                        A bespoke piece is not just “made to measure”. 
                                                                        It does not simply fit a physical space - it is designed 
                                                                        to fit you as a person, your life and your world. 

                                                                        When we work together to design a piece, I don’t 
                                                                        make any assumptions. I want to know what you 
                                                                        really want and I will design with that in mind. It’s 
                                                                        not just about deciding which handles and which 
                                                                        details to fit to a pre-made carcass. 

                                                                    It’s about creating something that is as unique as you.
Armando Magnino  
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