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Who commissions furniture and why?

The simple answer is ‘anybody’ and ‘for all sorts of reasons’.
Sometime there is a sense that only collectors
or people with a special interest in design
commission bespoke furniture. 

After all, there is plenty of choice on the high street. All sorts of shapes, sizes, styles and prices. And commissioning a bespoke piece will require more input and more time (possibly: how long would you spend going around shopping centres and shops trying to find the right piece?)

                                            On the other hand, commissioning a bespoke piece allows you to be 
                                            part of the process of  creating something, of making a piece of
                                            furniture that is not only functional but that has a history and a

                                            All that it requires from you is an interest in your environment and
                                            your life. It’s about exploring what you need and what you like, what 
                                            has heart and meaning for you and working together to find a
                                            solution that matches you, your life, the space you live in. 

                                            On several occasions people have said to me: “Oh, we’d love to 
                                            commission something but it’s too expensive...” This is a common misconception. While it is true that having a piece specially made for you is going to cost more than buying a mass produced piece on the high street, I believe that fine furniture does not need to be prohibitively expensive. After all, your budget will be one of the constraints that we put into the brief (just like sizes and choices of timber, etc) and that will shape the process and the end result. 

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