Workplace Massage
Acupressure Chair Massage


Uses 60 acupressure points and 23 Japanese massage techniques. This fully clothed and seated massage technique was specifically designed for the workplace. It is designed to both relax and revitalise staff in 20 minutes. Acupressure chair massage is now widely used by companies throughout the US and since its arrival in the UK in 1989 has become extremely popular in London. Its popularity is now spreading to companies throughout the UK, because managers are seeing how providing regular massage sessions improves productivity and helps reduce staff stress and days lost to sickness.

How can it help you and your staff?

• Improves posture and relieve back pain
• Relieves neck and shoulder tension
• Relieves some headaches
• Helps with repetitive strain injury
• Improves digestion
• Increases concentration
• Increases productivity
• Boosts morale

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