Remedial Massage is a therapy that concentrates on a specific area of muscle pain and tension. The techniques used are similar to those of Swedish Body Massage, but they go much deeper into the muscle tissue. The therapist will use hands or mechanical means.

How can Remedial Massage help you?

• Sports injuries: Remedial massage releases muscle spasms and relaxes tight muscles caused by too much exercise. It also speeds up the healing process of torn ligaments, strain injuries and joint pain.

• Posture: through massage and specially designed exercises posture can be improved.

• Back, muscle pain, and tension caused by repetitive tasks: pain can be greatly relieved through the release of tension in the affected muscles.


Swedish Body massage is a classical massage based on the techniques.

How can Swedish Body Massage help you?

• Relaxes the body, reducing stress – 75 percent of disease is caused by stress.
• Stimulates and stretches muscles and improves skin and muscle tone.
• Releases toxins in the muscles, aids digestion and circulation and also improves neural communication.
• Increases the flow of nutrients to the cells and skin.
• Improves our health, well being and posture.
• Gives pain relief by relaxing the muscles, preventing spasm and stiffness.
• Massage is a safe, non-invasive and natural therapy