Why Supervision?
The best supervision is both shame lifting and confidence building.  The practice of being alone in a room with a client can engage many layers of emotion, some helpful, some less so.  We can feel good as the “expert” in the room, being relied on and needed in the role of the “healer”.  We can feel lonely and burdened by the responsibility that clients want to place in our laps.  We can feel afraid of getting it wrong, making someone’s health worse, messing up.  We can become egotistical as we feed on our client’s projections as “the one who knows and gets it right”.  And we can get angry at our feelings of helplessness, at our clients’ dependence, at their unwillingness to engage with the therapeutic process.  All these responses, and more, are perfectly natural and benefit from being held, talked through, unpicked and understood in the supervisory container.  The process of supervision allows us to understand and accept ourselves more deeply as therapists and enables us to be far better at our work.  In fact the process can give us SUPER VISION as we gain insights into the processes at work, both within ourselves and our clients.   As someone once said “our clients can only go as deep as we have gone ourselves”, and this has been borne out for me time and again.  
Individual Supervision
As a professional therapist regular supervision/mentoring allows you to talk about your work in a safe, non-judgemental setting, enabling you to hear your own thoughts, be witnessed in all the challenges and celebrations that your work brings, as well as receiving the support necessary to lone practice.  As supervisor/mentor I will offer reflections on what you bring and challenge and stretch you in a supportive environment.
I benefit from ongoing supervision for my own practices and know in my bones, as well as experiencing the evidence in my daily practice, that it enriches my work, bringing maturity, reflectivity and reflexivity.
If you are interested in individual supervision, and want to find out if I am the right supervisor for you, please contact me so we can meet.
Group Supervision
Groups are open to practitioners of all levels of experience, absolute beginners as well as the more experienced.  I believe we all have something to offer, to teach and learn from one another.  Some groups will be multi-disciplinary as I believe this broadens the scope of the group and keeps us alive to our own professional blind spots.
The fee for individual counselling supervision sessions is £80 for the statutory monthly one and a half hours.
The fee for individual acupuncture supervision sessions is £52.50 for an hour, timing and frequency to be negotiated.
Group fees are £40 a half day session, based on 8 people committing to 6 sessions a year.  
Individual session fees payable by cheque, cash or bank transfer on the day.
Group session fees payable one month in advance.
Fee increases occur every other year – the next falls due 2019.
I worked with Debbie for just over five years.  In that time Debbie proved herself to be all that I could have asked of a supervisor for my acupuncture practice.  She is experienced, understanding, supportive, thorough, challenging and utterly trustworthy.  She always held a safe place in which my voice could be heard – and listened to.  Now that I have decided to cease practice I look back with gratitude at the invaluable depth and rigour of Debbie's support and guidance which were such hallmarks of our relationship.
Mary MacMillan
Supervision is such an important part of staying emotionally and mentally well when working in any talking therapy.  I feel deeply lucky and grateful to have found this group in which we discuss any and all aspects of our own
wellbeing.  Sometimes I bring in a particular issue with a client or it may be that there are a few issues creating a theme for me but often I discuss the way I'm feeling about my work, my workload and my future.  This group is held firmly and gently by Debbie who gives us a safe space to reflect, learn and grow.  The people in the group have been consistently loving and kind, listening without judgement and by exploring my story have enabled me to
navigate a way through that really works for me.  I feel that my ability to deliver for my clients has been significantly enhanced by attending supervision with this group and I highly recommend it as a self development tool that should be in any therapist’s kit.
Sue Buckingham
I have been in group supervision with Debbie for over a year and have found the sessions hugely beneficial. They provide a supportive environment for me to work through practice issues and I have felt more confident in clinic from attending these groups. The space is held really well, so I feel able to bring absolutely any issue that is affecting my practice, however large or small, professional or personal. The sessions are well-structured and meaningful, and Debbie's wisdom and passion shines through.  As a relatively new practitioner, I feel genuinely valued for my contribution to this group and it has become a core part of my professional development.
Debbie Collins
07960 040985
Co-creating health with you
“Supervision is  a place where people can literally draw breath and have unhurried time to focus on their personal and professional learning.”
Nicki Weld, A Practical Guide to Transformative Supervision in the Helping Professions, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012.